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Documents and Plans

Articles and Documents related to the Jens Jensen Gardens in Evanston

Here are links to some fascinating articles and documents which tell the history of the Jen Jensen gardens surrounding the Harley Clarke mansion.

"The Harley Clarke House" by Kris Hartzell

"Sigma Chi's Memorial Grand Chapter House - Fraternity Purchases Magnificent Suburban Mansion"

"Harley Clarke Mansion Floor Plans"

"The Jens Jensen Gardens at the Harley Clarke Mansion Now a Combination of Beauty and Neglect" by Mary Helt Gavin (Evanston Roundtable, August, 2019)

"Jens Jensen: Natural Landscape Artist" from the Evanston Environmental Association, EEA Futures, Vol. 7, No. 2 (March, April, May 1986)

"Land Use, Restoration, and Activity Management Plan for Lighthouse Landing" prepared for the City of Evanston, IL by Johnson Johnson & Roy/inc. and Metz Train Olson & Youngren, Inc. (1977)

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